OF BLOOD AND BONES: Working with Shadow Magick & the Dark Moon by Kate Freuler

OF BLOOD AND BONES: Working with Shadow Magick & the Dark Moon by Kate Freuler

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Shadow magick occupies a critical but often misunderstood role in the rich history of witchcraft. This book explores topics such as the ethical use of animal parts and bones, blood magick, dark moon energy, and other rarely discussed aspects of witchcraft.

With a focus on ethically sourcing materials and suggestions for plant-based substitutions, author Kate Freuler provides much-needed information and hands-on techniques to help you strengthen your witchcraft practice, connect to nature, protect yourself (and your kith and kin), and know yourself in a deep way. Within these pages, you will also discover methods for hexing, scrying, sex magick, and working with dark deities in addition to the magickal use of graveyard dirt and performing spells to assist the crossing of a dying loved one. The shadow work explored in Of Blood and Bones reminds us that not everything is love and light, and that facing the dark side supports the quest to achieve spiritual wholeness.

"Witchcraft is not tame. We do a disservice to our craft in thinking so. Of Blood and Bone is an excellent introductory guide to exploring the depths of Withcraft and finding value in its darker side. Freuler leads readers through difficult topics in an approachable and authentic way. A good resource for anyone working with this side of magickal practice."--Stephanie Woodfield, author of Dark Goddess Craft

"Witches are light, dark, and everything in between. This impressive piece of work both guides and encourages modern Witches to reach into the deeper wisdom of their sacred hearts to uncover genuine healing and self-awareness. The book's original recipes, brilliant insights, and damn-potent spells can be utilized by occultists of all varieties. This is the real deal. Written with intelligence, integrity, and sincerity, Of Blood & Bones is a brave exploration into the beautiful shadowscape of magickal work and personal development."--Raven Digitalis, author of Shadow Magick Compendium & Esoteric Empathy