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Venus owns this herb and it is under Leo. There is no better herb to take melancholy vapors from the heart…and makes a merry, cheerful soul.” -Nicholas Culpepper

Leonurus cardiaca is a powerful member of the mint family. It is an ally for the emotional body, and as its name indicates, it is the "lionhearted one"- a potent ally in times of grief and heartache.

It is a good ally for PMS, aiding the enhancement of mood and calming of an overstimulated mind. 

Motherwort has antispasmodic properties for smooth muscle ailments and parasympathetic cramps. Midwives throughout history cite applying a motherwort poultice on the lower abdomen to assist throughout labor, and help expel afterbirth.

Contains: Motherwort Leaves and Flowers in 40% alcohol