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Design by: CHE

Have you ever wondered why He has never answered your prayers? Not even once? Yet still, you embrace the folklore that He will be there for you in your time of need… but He never is. And even though you are reluctant to admit, you are bitter for such abandonment.

What you have to understand to make sense of this, is that the legends and folklore that you’ve been cradling since your childhood are now expired. He originally was there, offering humanity support and guidance. Humanity chose to ignore His actions. Instead, they devoted every waking moment to vanity, lust and greed. They chose the path of sense pleasure rather than a path consisting of discipline, perseverance and faith.
Most of you have been misinformed when it comes to the retribution aspect of Jehovah’s wager. The most common misunderstanding is that humanity still has time to amend its treacherous ways. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you honestly believe He has allowed an unlimited amount of chance to get this right? Didn’t you ever wonder how He must have felt after the first 600 million disregard His gracious offer to eternal bliss for the small price of 75 years of service? 75 Years is not a very long time in the span of eternity. To be so humiliatingly ignored. What ungrateful parasites humanity has become.

Meanwhile in heaven, He was receiving an enormous amount of envy on behalf of His once loyal angels. They had always been at His side. They would do anything He requested, yet He overlooked them and focused all His attention on His latest creation, humanity. He waited patiently for a single soul to sincerely reach out to Him and show Him that His hard work was appreciated. But that never happened. And all this time He was waiting, He was neglecting His angels. And the angels started to question their loyalty. Why be loyal to a god who has forgotten those who have done His bidding since before the beginning of time?

But there were still a few that would not lose faith, and they would be subject to the ridicules of the majority. Eventually sides were formed in heaven.

Christ was becoming extremely concerned by heaven’s division. He knew something had to be done to preserve what was left of heaven. He was also aware of his father’s disappointment.

He was reminded of something He had said long ago, “Love thine enemy.” He started thinking about those three words. “What greater enemy do I have than Satan, and what better way to relieve our differences than eliminating the source of our enmity?” That source being humanity
It didn’t take much to convince Jehovah of this idea, due to the immediate importance of the recent existing condition in heaven. So it was decided that Christ was to return earth and begin the judgment of humanity’s incorrigible souls, and in agreement, Satan would employ the angels to help relieve Christ of His burden, humanity. Satan also had at His disposal His own militia of demons masquerading as humans, going undetected throughout humanity.

Satan’s cooperation was based on one condition that the destruction of humanity would be on His terms… slow, meticulous and painful. His demons played an integral part in His divine plan. They possess the most malicious contempt for humanity, and relish in its own demise. They walk among humans, sizing you up and breaking you down. Most are in the highest positions of authority in order to further humanity’s misery. They find more pleasure in tricking humanity into destroying itself. It’s a greater challenge that way. They mustn’t get bored you see.

The angels are also among humanity, yet in less obvious positions. They put themselves in walks of life you wouldn’t expect, testing and judging humanity. Once judged, the subject is fair game for the demons. In the beginning, they started to get carried away with their work, wiping away nearly 75% of humanity. So, Satan replaced the 75% with demons and then slowly nurtured humanity back and tried to keep them at a comfortable 25%, being careful to only destroy as much of humanity that can be easily reproduced.

Sometimes they hold back. They let humanity grow in greater numbers in order to create a glorious war to quickly bring the numbers back down to 25%, just for the sport of it all.

Christ is there to judge, yet rarely shows Himself in human form. When He does choose to, He makes sure everyone knows His presence. Most never believe because 75% of humanity is the devil and they control the media’s opinion, thus controlling humanity entirely.
The hell you were threatened with as a child is no longer an option. It is a reality… A living, breathing reality and you are right in the middle of it all. Hell has been relocated to earth.

I’m certain that your first reaction is to blame. It is in humanity's interest to blame, however, not very practical. What can blame accomplish? Nothing. Action is everything.

I’m also willing to wager your second reaction is an attempt for atonement. There is no way to earn humanity one last chance. It would be pointless to even attempt a final chance at redemption.

First, you must identify the demons, and then destroy them before they destroy you. The odds are in their favor 3 to 1 so you stand little chance.
My advice to you is to accept your fate. Welcome and embrace your destiny. Besides, you are not in this position for no apparent reason. Your humanity chose to disregard Jehovah’s generous wager. Your humanity chose sense pleasures over eternal salvation. Now you must live with your choices. It will be easier for you to come to terms with your fears rather than embellish upon them.

And for those of you yet unjudged, you can still attempt to show your appreciation for your pathetic life and possibly slowly turn the tides through discipline and servitude to God, but your ancestors have proven that impossible time and time again.

These are the final days of judgment. Soon the demons will grow tired of these games and destroy you one and all. So go on interacting with your fellow corpses. Forget everything I have said. Ignorance for your kind is bliss. Remember, it is in humanity’s nature to destroy itself.

This was inevitable.