INTEGRITY - Systems Overload LP (color)

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Originally released in 1995, "Systems Overload" was a shock to the hardcore scene that was focused more on politically correct ideas than the sheer brutality of the music. "Systems Overload" marks the third chapter from the first volume of one of the most loved and hated hardcore bands in history. This expanded edition contains new cover art, fold-out poster and layout by Dwid Hellion, as well as liner notes about the making of the record from Aaron Melnick.

"Many would fervently argue that the band's debut album, "Those Who Fear Tomorrow", was always their strongest, but as classic and amazing as it may be, I have to disagree without question. "Systems Overload" is the clearly superior effort to me, and I think it always has been. There's just something about it... I mean, for one thing, the recording is just totally insane and incredible in the most fucked up way possible. The drums sound kinda dry but also big and ballsy, the vocals are totally blown out and over the top (and you're god damn right I mean that in a good way), and the fucking guitars, man! The first time I ever listened to this album I was taken aback, 'cause I'd never heard guitar tones like this before. I mean, the fucking leads sound like they're running a distortion pedal through another distortion pedal or something!? And the rhythms? I don't even know how to describe the tone! Over the top, I guess... like everything else about this record. There's just this fucking fire to the entire album—the sound, the compositions, the lyrics—that totally makes for one of the most intense and fucking murderous sets of songs ever recorded. Ever."