INSTIGATORS - Nobody Listens Anymore LP

INSTIGATORS - Nobody Listens Anymore LP

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Debut LP from this outstanding UK anarcho punk band which was initially released on Bluurg in 1985. This reissue features package design which mirrors the original. Includes poster and lyric sheet.

The Instigators where a bunch of enthusiastic anarcho-punk kids that managed to play a style of raging, powerful and "in your face" punk rock with the right amount of melody and anger.

The original members disbanded shortly after the release of this classic LP just to reform in a different line up to continue towards a more American rock-influenced style of punk and never reached the same peak as the initial line up.

• Comes with original sleeve, insert plus an additional poster.
• Includes Linernotes by drummer Hammy (Peaceville Records).
• All 10 tracks remastered by Ian Glasper.