ID M THEFT ABLE - Folk or Stereo Separation in Thrift Stores  cassette

ID M THEFT ABLE - Folk or Stereo Separation in Thrift Stores cassette

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'"Folk or Stereo Separation in Thrift Stores" is the smashing together of two abandoned projects that I years later realized were basically the same project. Lots of tape recorder haze, cuts, samples, and a story or two. The "Stereo Separation" nod is an allusion to that phenomenon that happens when you go into a store and the speakers are spread waaaaay across the room from one another such that when you hear a song, especially from the 60's, that has a lot of hard stereo separation, you only hear half the song and thus hear it in an entirely new way. You know what I mean?

Oh, and that cover (the first picture I have ever censored before putting on the internet) is from a series of very sweet polaroids I found in a box on the side of the road one misty night in the aughts. They're the stereo, too."'

Id M Theft Able is truly a Maine treasure. Incredibly prolific in a multitude of mediums, in service of which he consistently scours the sidelines of the mundane world, reflecting and reframing a glorious bounty that has always been waiting to be seen and heard from perfectly improper angles, just beyond the bounds of convention. A menu of possibly forbidden, sometimes forgotten cuisine is ripe for the tasting, spilling out from the mighty beak of a shadowy figure coasting down the edge of pond, behind the strip malls you've neglected to visit since the last time you went back-to-school shopping. All the while, Id M Theft Able's catalog is structured upon so much more than faintly familiar collective residue- A foundation that is generously personal and deeply regional is of high frequency. These are elements that sidestep fantasy in any traditional sense, upholding compositions which remain down to Earth while feeling completely out of this world.