GOLDTHREAD ESSENCE by Moon by Moon Apothecary

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goldthread (Coptis groenlandica)

made beside knights pond in northport/me, this essence helps us find even the smallest of appreciations & miracles each day. it helps us to discover magic in the places we least expect to find it & when we least expect to, because goldethread has invited us to open, to receive, to follow the threads of our lives with curious joy. it is a wonderful reminder of the inner light within each of us. restores an imaginative, child-like approach to the world around us, & fills us with the richness of the earth.


are gentle yet potent vibrational remedies, that work to transform our emotional, energetic & spiritual nature. they contain filtered or spring water that holds the energy of the essence and brandy for preservation.

recommended dosage is 1-3 drops up to 3 times per day or as needed, directly on the tongue or added into drinking water.