FIFTH ESTATE #404 Winter 2019

FIFTH ESTATE #404 Winter 2019

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Long-running Detroit-based anarchist publication, printing since 1965!

"As opposed to the mechanistic, cold, pseudo-scientific dogma of Marxists and others, we know that the urge for revolution has to come from a deeper place in our lives. The Spanish anarchists said they had “a new world in their hearts,” which provided a vision for their struggles. The idea of re-enchantment of the world mirrors that longing as a prefiguring of what we want. We dedicate this issue to those in the past who have fought for a new world and to those today who continue in their footsteps."


-Hope Springs Forth From Fire

-1492, 1513, 1619, 2019

-We Wait

-Berkeley Free Clinic at 50

-Fifth Estate Archive

-The Politics of Fandom

-Fifty Years Ago

-Re-Enchantment of the World

-Sing Your Song

-Toward A Surrealist Re-Enchantment of the World

-The Dialectic of Enchantment

-Fool’s Day

-Marie’s Song

-Giving Back Wild

-Cuba: Independent Self-Activity vs. the State

-Sanity & Identity

-Evoking Spirit

-The Continuing Colonialism of Climate Change Solutions

-From Red Anarchism to Green Anarchy

-Curate This

-Marius Mason painting

-The Failure of Resource Nationalism in Bolivia

-A Woman Against the Mega-Machine

-Comics, Graphic Novels, & the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

-The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919

-Interest v. Principal

-But It All Falls Apart

-How Pleasure is Revolutionary

-Feminism & the Politics of the Commons

-Anti-authoritarian Portugal

-Detroit trash incinerator closing

-Hong Kong