CLOVEN HOOF - The Definitive Part Two LP

CLOVEN HOOF - The Definitive Part Two LP

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Midlands outfit Cloven Hoof must rate as one of the most legendary bands of the entire New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. The origins of the group go back to the year 1979, when they first formed under the name of Nightstalker.

In 1981, the band switched to their new moniker: Cloven Hoof. Original vocalist David Potter, guitarist Steve Rounds, drummer Kevin Poutney and main man Lee Payne on bass adopted the stage characters of ‘Earth’, ‘Fire’, ‘Water’ and ‘Air’. A very interesting concept which was far ahead of its time.

Active throughout the 1980s, the band had folded in 1989 but re-emerged in the mid-1990s to release an entire catalogue of great new studio albums.

Following on from the first part, »The Definitive Part Two« was previously only available on CD sold by the band at gigs and consists of some eleven rare and unreleased tracks recorded by Cloven Hoof in recent years, highlighting different vocalists associated with the band in the past.

The first five tracks “Running Man”, “Prime Time”, “Night Stalker”, “Freakshow” and “Whore Of Babylon” are from the 2010 self-financed EP »The Throne Of Damnation« featuring vocalist Matt Moreton. This EP was never made available commercially, again only sold by the band.

The other six tracks “I'm Your Nemesis” “Do What You Wilt”, “Age Of Steel”, “Look To The Sky”, “Curse Of The Gypsy” and “Contagion” are unreleased gems featuring one song each from the vocal talents of Ash Cooper and recent frontman Joe Whelan.

Matthias Mader