BEDEMON - Child of Darkness LP

BEDEMON - Child of Darkness LP

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Reissue of the long lost recordings form America's first doom metal band!

Bedemon formed in 1973 and consisted of original Pentagram members Randy Palmer, Geof O'Keefe, and Bobby Liebling. The group was an offshoot of Pentagram, with a darker and doomier tone. The band recorded various sessions spanning from 1973-1979 which are now being made available once again after being out-of-print for over 10 years. 

Additionally, the release includes extensive liner notes from original members Mike Matthews and Geof O'Keefe and is a must for fans of Pentagram and/or traditional doom metal. Bedemon's Child of Darkness is truly a crucial glimpse into the nihilistic minds that gave birth to an entire genre! LP also includes an accompanying download card for the entire record. 

"Bedemon takes all of the perfect elements of heavy music and successfully combines them into an hour-long doom metal journey with massive riffs, screaming guitar solos, headbanging rockers and perfectly-placed subtle nuances that truly brings out the evil in the music." - Iron Fist