555 (DVD)

555 (DVD)

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For the first time on OFFICIAL DVD is Wally Koz’s 1988 shot-on-video splatter masterpiece “555”!

A hippie killer with a sex-fueled, murderous bloodlust is on a rampage and he’s brutally murdering innocent young couples! A nationwide trend of killings with the same m.o. happens to catch the eyes of Detective Haller and Sergeant Connor. Every five years, within five days of each other, the killer strikes! Now it’s up to Haller and Connor to find out who is behind these grisly murders. Who is this crazed, blood thirsty hippie? And more importantly, what is the significance of the third ‘five’? Prepare yourself for this blood-soaked, psycho thriller that will make you watch your back the next time you fool around!

NTSC All Region
DVD Specifications
-Liner notes by Art Ettinger of Ultra Violent Magazine
-Interviews with cast and crew
-Image Gallery with rare never seen before photos
-Trailers for upcoming releases
-Reversible art by Steven Morris

Massacre Video Presents Wally Koz's 555 on DVD and Limited Edition VHS from Massacre Video on Vimeo.