1-900-Vampire (DVD)

1-900-Vampire (DVD)

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2 rare short films from legendary screen-writer/producer John Russo.

Limited run of 50 DVD-Rs

"After murdering and robbing a crooked businessman, three unsuspecting thugs are duped into calling a 1-900 ad. Three gorgeous women are waiting to please them in every way possible, but these beautiful women are more than sexually starved... they're starving for blood! Unbeknownst to the thugs, they've walked into a trap set by one of their own. They should have paid attention to the number they dialed. 1-900-826-7473 seems innocent but it actually speels 1-900-VAMPIRE. If you're foolish to pick up the phone and call them you have the best time of your life... if you survive."

Two versions of the same short story by John Russo, produced by John Russo in 2003, directed by Ryan McKain and Hardy Janson.

45 mins, includes bonus behind the scenes documentary. NEVER BEFORE RELEASED ANYWHERE.