THE QUEER CORTÉGE  by Wylliam Wold


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The Queer Cortége is a mini-zine from Wylliam Wold of Blowfly zine. Proceeds from their sale of this zine will be donated to charities that benefit Black and trans lives. 

"In honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance (Nov 20), I wanted to finish and share this zine that I started last year about queerness and Death. 2021 has been the deadliest year for trans people yet at 47 lives lost by the time this is published. It shouldn't be a struggle to fit the names of people who have lost their lives for living as themselves on a paper 11 by 17 inches large, but this is the society we face. My heart goes out to those gone and those still here. My fists clench with yours in fear and anger, my soul softens with hope and community."

"The Queer Cortége being the obverse to the Pride Parade — it is an honouring of folk innumerable who have passed, been taken or otherwise lost to time. It is an honouring of that which has come before us, surrounds us and will take us in its arms again. We as queer folk often know Death intimately as a regular uninvited guest, intertwined with our history, our struggles and our achievements – the ticket in our pocket and the nagging devil clutched to our shoulder.

But our kin are not forgotten, and Death bestows upon us an unyielding cherishing for the brief sparks we eek from life, like the first brilliant snowdrop or the pucker of sweetness that breaks a fast. It spurs us to taste the sap from every tree and scale the fences that parcel our free will. Queer lives know best that time is short. The cycle of life is our promise ring, we the shadows to nature’s Cave: Death may follow us, but without it we would not know what it truly is to live. Remember those who, through it, surround us now in eternity."