FEN WRAITH - s/t cassette

FEN WRAITH - s/t cassette

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 New England dungeon synth

"Those woods belong to her. I’d not step foot in them…

Thats what the peasant merchant told me. How dare he speak to me of spirits and superstition.
I’ve lived one thousand different lives, in one thousand different places, while he’s never left his miserable little mud pit of a town.
He won’t scare me.
These woods go on for two hundred miles in every direction. I’m told that no one owns them or lives in them.
Other than “her” of course. But I’ll not be scared out of free land by children's tales of monsters in the night. I’ll make a new life in these woods.
I’ll build a home.
I’ll sow seeds.
I’ll start over.

This forest will be my home."