TAROT CHIMERA ~ Arcana of Odilon Redon Deck

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88 Large Tarot Cards: 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards and 10 Oracle cards

  • Dimensions: 75mm x 130mm (2.95 inches x 5.12 inches)

  • Printed on heavy, casino-quality Playing Card stock with an embossed Linen finish, assuring easy shuffle and wear resistance

  • Black Edging

  • Keywords Mini Booklet

  • Embossed and Gold Foil stamped Tuckbox

TAROT CHIMERA is a divination tool for self-knowledge that allows its user to tap into a unique chimeric nature through the boundless imagination and universal mysteries of what I call Odilon Redon’s “Arcana”: his dark, mystical and magical archetypes and symbols, with the intention to shed luminous light onto our path, face personal demons, transmute negative energies, foster expansive realities, revealing the hidden aspects of self that need transforming or alternatively would benefit from being acknowledged and bravely expressed.

Corresponding guidebook sold separately

(NOTE: Due to the black gilt-edging on the deck, sometimes the white interior of the tuckbox shows a slight smudge of black from when the cards were originally put into their boxes after being manufactured and is not a defect)