VEGAS - ...not ever. LP (purple)

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The elusive V.E.G.A.S. return with their third studio album of remotely manifested metallic hardcore, accentuated with occasional elements of industrial and electro-pop. Harnessing the confrontational nature of Japanese punks G.I.S.M. via 1980's ferocity of Life's Blood and apocalyptic tenets of bands like Integrity- This is hardcore punk beyond geographical bounds or domestic familiarity, presented on its own terms through difficult channels to the allegiant few. "...not ever." sheds any previous neo-folk forays which were exemplified by the Roses Never Fade material, in favor of consistently escalating aggression through ever-cryptic composition. Hear this now or perhaps never, it is the sound of the end times arriving before ye.

No Clean Singing edition is limited to 25 copies and includes "...not ever." silkscreened poster of the cover artwork

Die Hard edition is limited to 25 copies and includes "...not ever." poster and numbered "Spy Vs Spy" silkscreened poster 

Imported from Germany