MUGWORT Tincture (in brandy)

MUGWORT Tincture (in brandy)

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Artemisia vulgaris is a late summer blooming medicinal which prefers waste spaces. You can see it growing tall on the sides of the roads here in Maine in August. Mugwort is a relative of the notorious herb Wormwood, or Artemisia 

absinthium. Like wormwood, the underside of the leaves of Mugwort are silvery. Named for the goddess Artemis, mugwort is considered a lunar herb. 

In European folklore, mugwort is said to protect from fatigue, injury and poisons.Romans were said to have put mugwort inside their shoes to keep their feet from tiring. 

Mugwort has a long history in the European tradition as a witches' herb, used for lucid dreaming and divinatory states.

Contains: Mugwort in brandy